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Keywords are: 'druid spell landslide' Spell: landslide Mana: 39 Int: 32 Wis: 34 Lvl 34 Drui (28%) (helpful) Requires: shambling mound Group: Druid earth and water Damage Type: crush / pierce Damage: massive (special, see text) Speed: very slow Usage: cast landslide <target> Developed from geomantic magic refined during the volcanic crisis on Mowami Island, the 'landslide' spell turns your active earth wall or shambling mound into a powerful projectile. It surges at the target, ramming it with such great speed that even airborne opponents have difficulty maneuvering out of the way. Unbalanced enemies may find themselves overborne by the onrushing earth. Upon impact, the wall or mound shatters, sending out a spray of sharp stones that can injure groups of opponents. This spell's damage is highly dependent upon on how intact the earthen minion used as the catalyst is. The more intact is it, the more mass it has to be hurled at opponents. You do not need to specify the shambling mound or earth wall when casting the spell.

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