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Keywords are: 'druid skill leech life leach' Skill: leech life Int: 32 Wis: 36 Lvl 38 Drui (28%) (helpful) Requires: vampiric vines and dominate animal Group: Druid plant lore Speed: average Usage: leech [target] leech [room] The 'leech life' skill builds upon an ability that the vines created by the 'vampiric vines' spell possess, which is to steal life force from enemies, and combines it with advanced knowledge of manipulating animals. With this skill, a druid can steal life force from living things and heal himself with such life force. A druid can either leech life from creatures, or leech life from nearby plants. Leeching is an offensive act and creatures will retaliate if so targeted. An animal minion can be leeched for a quick boost in health, but such an act is instantly fatal to the creature.

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