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Keywords are: 'movement mv' Movement is a statistic that simulates fatigue associated with moving about over large distances. Moving across a field or through a forest will be less taxing on your body than would climbing a mountain or trudging through a swamp. The more time you spend working out and building up your strength, the less time you will have to spend resting before you're up and ready to go again. Note that some spells (such as fly) may make moving about less stressful on your legs. The cleric spell 'refresh' can restore movement, and getting rid of things you don't need anymore and reducing your encumbrance can help. Higher strength, and warrior and thief levels will increase movement as well. There are skills that help with movement too - warrior has increased stamina, and there are general movement skills such as forest navigation, spellunking, mountaineering, and swim which reduce movement costs in specific types of areas. For help on how to go from one place to another, try 'help walking'.

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