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Keywords are: 'warrior skill parry' Skill: parry Lvl 2 Warr (28%) (critical) Group: Warrior weapon handling Speed: average Parry is a warrior skill used to deflect an opponents' blow with your weapon. In order to parry you must be wielding a weapon. It is a passive skill, which means that it is always active if you are wielding a weapon. While most weapons and unarmed attacks can be parried, non-solid attacks such as blasts, zaps and spits cannot. Parrying with a weapon varies in effectiveness depending on the type of weapon, and whether or not a shield is used. Using a two handed weapon is the most effective way to parry, however while using such a two handed weapon you will be unable to use a shield to block attacks. Using a two-handed weapon, or dual wielding two weapons, is less effective than blocking attacks with a two handed shield. However, using a one handed shield and weapon allows you to both parry and block, which is more effective than using either a two handed weapon or two handed shield. The tradeoff is that the two handed shield may have higher AC than one-handed shields, while two-handed weapons generally do more damage than one-handed ones. It is highly recommended that all players learn this skill at some point. Even if you have a low dexterity, or a low warrior level, parry can still serve to protect your character from a sizable percentage of attacks.

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