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Keywords are: 'thief skill poison weapon food corpse unpoison clean' Skill: poison weapon Lvl 16 Thie (21%) (helpful) Requires: brew poison Skill: poison food Lvl 22 Thie (42%) (obscure) Requires: poison handling Format: poison weapon poison <object> unpoison <weapon> Skilled thieves are able to apply brewed poisons to their weapons and ammunition, such as arrows and darts. Weapons and ammunition that are poisoned in such a manner tend to be very effective at poisoning enemies, but the poison will wear off of the weapon quickly. Thief combat skills that rely on weapons are more effective at transfering poisons to opponents than other attacks. Skilled thieves are also able to clean off poisoned weapons. Poison can also be applied to food and corpses. Anything that tries to eat the poisoned item will become very sick. Butchered meat can also be poisoned and fed to corpse-eaters. As with all poison skills, the thief should have knowledge of poison handling in order to avoid poisoning himself. Poison cannot be used on weapons that have an unguent applied to them.

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