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Keywords are: 'sleeping resting wakeup regeneration standing napping sharpness' If you are low on hitpoints, mana, or movement it is probably a good idea to sleep or rest for a while. You will regen the most when you are asleep, and not quite as much when you are resting. When you're ready to go again just wake or stand. Be careful where you sleep! Generally, it's safe to sleep in your recall site, but it's not always a good idea to sleep alone in the woods. Some creatures wait until you let your guard down before they attack. Resting and sleeping also lowers your effective armor, making you even more vulnerable to attack. If you rest or sleep near a fire, it will increase your mana and movement regeneration. Eating food while resting will also boost your regeneration for a short time. There are benefits to sleeping for longer periods. If you get enough rest, you will feel sharp. While feeling sharp, you will regenerate faster, recover more quickly from shadow exposure, gain more experience and be more likely to produce mastercrafted items! Nausea, stunning, confusion or similar effects that are mentally or physically disorienting can cause sharpness to end.

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