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Keywords are: 'druid spell release sunlight' Spell: release sunlight Mana: 10 Int: 23 Wis: 25 Lvl 23 Drui (42%) (important) Requires: suncatcher Group: Druid rune magic Damage Type: fire Usage: cast release sunlight <suncatcher> The 'release sunlight' spell is used to gradually release stored sunlight from a suncatcher bottle. The liquid sunlight forms blindingly bright streamers that float in the air, and which combined are often brighter than the noon day sun. So bright and powerful is this spell that most undead are slowly burned away, and ethereal forms gradually lose their shape and are dispersed. Darken spells are almost invariably overpowered. Note that a few creatures instantly vanish when exposed to sunlight, taking any equipment they might have been carrying with them. While the release spell is quite short and very quick to cast, it requires intimate knowledge of how suncatchers work to release the sunlight safely.

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