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Keywords are: 'runes runic glyphs symbols' Some of the more commonly known Runes, typically used by Druids, are listed below. Verbs: Ber - 'shatter' or 'to break' Xix - 'to grasp' or 'to hold' Alu - 'to remove' or 'weaken' Ort - 'to push' Mun - 'to separate' Tal - 'to strengthen' Cava - 'to transform' or 'to change' Gesu - 'to protect' Luk - 'to bind' Nam - 'to mix, blend, combine' Enti - 'to create' or 'to make' Note - 'Luk' is one of the strongest binding runes, but also one of the most fickle. Nouns: Jah - 'power' Vin - 'luck' Rava - 'blood' Ilnak - 'magic' Plat - 'earth' or 'mud' Stal - 'stone' or 'rock' Stupt - 'metal' Gark - 'wood' Marr - 'bone' or 'horn' Urst - 'skin, flesh, meat' Pil - 'water' Nar - 'wind' Faru - 'fire' Zeki - 'crystal' Ciru - 'ice' or 'cold' Char - 'lightning' Fell - 'poison' Shul - 'health' Arim - 'endurance' Khil - 'accuracy' Stis - 'intelligence' Freth - 'wisdom' Oshi - 'dexterity' Hett - 'charisma' Kama - 'speed' Kenn - 'healing' Ganta - 'reliability' Blok - 'shadow' (magical shadow, not absence of light) Nava - 'breath' or 'life' Luam - 'light' Trath - 'sky' Miscellaneous: Ral - simply 'together'. It is typically used as a connecting rune in rune words. Nak - denotes the antipode of a noun, caused by the absence of that thing. For example, Faru (fire) and Ciru (ice) are not true opposites, but Luam (light) and Nak-Luam (not-light, i.e. darkness) would embody this principle. You can also list runes using the 'rune' command.

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