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Keywords are: 'saving throws spellsave breathsave poisonsave firesave coldsave zapsave saves resistances' Saving throws are properties that can change your vulnerabilities to different types of attacks. Higher numbers indicate higher resistance to the attack. The six standard throws are: spell: Resistance to spell effects and magical weapons. Reduces the effectiveness of curses, charm, illusion and summon spells. breath: Resistance to gaseous and/or breath weapons. Most commonly seen used as a defense against dragonbreath attacks and druid air spells. poison: Resistance to toxins and poison. Characters with high poison resistance take reduced damage from toxic damage. They are also more difficult to poison and recover from poisoning more quickly. fire: Resistance to fire. Equipment of this type often insulates the wearer from heat, or has a magical or mechanical cooling effect. cold: Resistance to cold. Equipment of this type often insulates the wearer from low temperatures, or has a magical or mechanical heating effect. zap: Resistance to electricity. Equipment of this type is often conductive, shunting electrical current away from the wearer. Sometimes it may be insulative, such as rubber-soled boots. It is possible for several of these throws to work together. As an example, the noxious cloud spell tests saving spell, then saving breath, and finally saving poison. Another example is dragon breath, which always tests saving breath, then may also test for the specific damage type (saving fire for fire breath). Note that saves begin to reach a point of diminishing returns around 50%. As you add more saving equipment, the percentages will not directly add - for example, three pieces of 25% saving fire will not give you 75% saving fire total. Even though they don't directly add, more is always better.

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