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Keywords are: 'thief skill scrap equipment scrapping scrapper' Skill: scrap equipment Lvl 28 Thie (28%) (helpful) Requires: salvage equipment and metallurgy Profession (Can Be Cast On Others) Usage: scrap <object> This skill allows a thief experienced with metallurgy to break down metal weapons, armor, liquid containers and treasure such as jewelry into raw materials for forging. Pieces are often broken when rendering them down for scrap. Catastrophic failure, particularly of very small or complex pieces, is common, even for expert scrappers. Use of this skill does not require a forge. The object is merely disassembled and the choicest pieces of metal saved, as opposed to attempting to melt down the entire object, which would result in hopelessly impure and contaminated metal. Higher difficulty metals are more difficult to scrap. The resulting scraps still need to be smelted and refined at a forge before they can be used for making new objects.

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