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Keywords are: 'slist' Format: slist slist <guildmaster> slist critical slist important slist helpful slist combat slist profession Slist is a command used at a teacher to show you what spells and skills a teacher can teach you. Spells and skills that you can practice are highlighted cyan, and usually have the word 'learnable' at the end of a line. If the teacher only knows a few spells out of a large spellgroup, the whole spellgroup will be shown with the learnable spells highlighted. You can use the keywords 'critical', 'important' and 'helpful' to list skills and spells that are indicated as such by the 'check' command and in the helpfiles. You can also list spells by 'combat' or 'profession', to see what skills can be improved with combat or profession points, respectively. If you are too low level to learn a particular spell or skill, the level requirements will be shown.

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