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Keywords are: 'mage spell displacement' Spell: displacement Mana: 30 Int: 24 Wis: 20 Lvl 19 Mage (28%) (helpful) Requires: detect invisibility Group: Mage illusion spellgroup Usage: cast displacement cast displacement <target> 'Displacement' creates an distorted, illusory duplicate of the target that follows it around, which makes them more difficult to hit in combat. It is often used with the spells 'force shield' and 'armor' for maximum effect. Displacement is used primarily in battle to protect warriors on the front lines. It will increase the armor class of the target by 40 points, which makes it one of the more powerful combative protection spells. The higher your ac, the better armored you are. The better armored you are, the less average damage you will take during a fight.

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