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Keywords are: 'mage spell teleport groupteleport' Spell: teleport Mana: 35 Int: 28 Wis: 24 Lvl 24 Mage (28%) (obscure) Requires: summon Group: Mage teleportation spellgroup Spell: group teleport Mana: 115 Int: 33 Wis: 29 Lvl 31 Mage (28%) (obscure) Requires: teleport Group: Mage teleportation spellgroup Usage: cast teleport cast group teleport 'Teleport' transports you or an object to a random location in the world. You may end up inside a stone mountain, or some place you have already been. You may also end up dead. Teleport is a spell to be used with caution. It may be cast while fighting, but not on any target other than yourself. One of the limitations on the teleport spell is that it cannot move anything across dimensional planes.

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