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Keywords are: 'spellgroup mage elemental cold ice' Mage elemental cold spellgroup: chill touch 3 mag frostflower 8 mag ice shield 13 mag ice focusing 23 mag lesser ice elemental 24 mag ice elemental 36 mag greater ice elemental 39 mag icebolt 17 mag frost bite 23 mag cone of cold 27 mag ice imprison 32 mag wall of ice 34 mag The elemental ice spells come primarily in two forms. One type channels the raw essence of the plane of elemental ice to strip heat from a target or area, causing them harm by rapid supercooling. Others involve using elemental cold to form ice into various shapes, including spikes, walls, prisons and animated elementals. Elemental ice spells are generally made more potent in areas of high moisture. Ones that rely on throwing ice at enemies for damage can be protected against by using heavy armor.

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