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Keywords are: 'mage spell summon' Spell: summon Mana: 50 Int: 26 Wis: 22 Lvl 21 Mage (28%) (obscure) Group: Mage teleportation spellgroup Usage: cast summon <name> 'Summon' gives you a chance to bring a player or mob to you. If the target has 'nosummon' set, they will attempt to resist being summoned. Summon will not work across planes, and the current summoning practice will not work on extra-planar creatures such as ghosts and phase shifted creatures. Summon is a very intense spell, requiring high intelligence and wisdom to be cast properly. Also, due to the nature of the spell, the saving throws against it are fairly high. It is not uncommon for a summon spell to fail even when assisted by the target of the spell. It is -extremely- difficult to summon high level creatures against their will. Generally, only small, lower level creatures can be reliably summoned. Do not summon aggressive creatures to commonly used places... you will be held responsible for any incurred accidental deaths.

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