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Keywords are: 'cleric spell ward good evil alignment' Spell: ward alignment Mana: 32 Wis: 27 Chr: 23 Lvl 23 Cler (28%) (helpful) Requires: protection from demons (Requires Favor) Usage: cast ward alignment [good/evil] [object] The 'ward alignment spell can be used to repel and block heavily aligned creatures from entering a warded area. These wards can be reinforced after the initial casting to keep them from running down. It should be noted that entities significantly higher level than the level of the caster can overcome these wards. If no options are input, you will attempt to cast the ward that is contrary your own alignment. You cannot cast a ward spell that is equal to your own alignment, such as an evil character attempt to ward evil. 'Ward alignment' can be cast on a mixed unguent to complete it. An alignment must be specified when doing this. The resulting unguent will specifically be a 'ward good' or 'ward evil' type. You can make unguents that are opposite your alignment, but the results will be the same as you casting the spell if you try to use them.

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