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Keywords are: 'druid skill carve carving spirittotems totems' Skill: spirit totem Lvl 37 Drui (28%) (important) Requires: carve totem Group: Druid talismans Profession Usage: carve spirittotem <animal> [wood] - carve a spirit totem use totem <animal> - charge a totem use totem - summon an animal from a totem The spirit totem skill allows you to create a totem that can store the spirits of called animals. When in dire need, you can summon the spirits from the totem to assist you. To carve a totem, you must have the called animal for the type of totem that you want to create. For example, to make a spirit totem of a coyote, you must have a called coyote that you can observe while carving the totem. Once the totem is carved, you must charge it by using it on called animals of the right type.

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