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Keywords are: 'druid spell storm of roses' Spell: storm of roses Mana: 29 Int: 35 Wis: 37 Lvl 39 Drui (28%) (helpful) Requires: thorn armor Group: Druid plant lore Damage Type: pierce Damage: high area Speed: very slow Usage: cast storm of roses This potent druid spell enchants surrounding brambles, causing them to lengthen, grow more thorns and lash out at nearby enemies. The effect lasts for several seconds as the brambles thrash about in a wild frenzy. Enemies have a hard time avoiding being hit, though the fly spell or natural flight reduces the damage taken as fewer canes can strike them. Ethereal creatures are untouched, as the brambles are natural plants. Heavy armor is best defense against storm of roses. Enemies in the clutches of an entangling roots spell take extra damage as the brambles naturally entwine with the roots. The extra pressure causes the thorns to tear into flesh and can start bleeding. Like many druid plant spells, it can only be cast on solid ground. Treating a room with a defoliate tonic will prevent storm of roses from working when cast.

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