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Keywords are: 'druid spell thistles' Spell: thistles Mana: 6 Int: 12 Wis: 14 Lvl 2 Drui (42%) (important) Requires: plant lore Group: Druid plant lore Damage Type: slash / pierce Damage: low (special, see text) Speed: fast Usage: cast thistles <enemy> 'Thistles' is basic druid spell that uses your knowledge of plants to force roots and seeds beneath a target to quickly sprout inert spiny growths that pierce and slash an enemy. These can reach up fast and high enough to strike airborne targets. The growths are brittle and quickly break apart, making them useless for barricades or restraints, unlike the living vines used in more advanced phytomancy. When out of reach of solid ground, you can use nuts, seeds, or berries that have been collected with the 'forage' or 'gather' commands in order to cast the spell. Simply have the seeds, nuts, or berries in your inventory when you cast the spell on an enemy. The spell will use them automatically. The hurled material sprouts into a hollow, spiny ball that resembles the head of a thistle, which shatters on impact. If you don't have any collected nuts or berries, you can also use collected acorns. These will be automatically used if you have any. Some of the thorny growths break off and cling to the target for a short time, hampering their regeneration. Entangling roots can latch onto these, making it more difficult for the target to avoid them. While the spell is called thistles, any sort of seed or plants can be used, from trees to cacti. Dormant seeds can even be found frozen in ice or on barren rock, while roots can penetrate deep underground.

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