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Keywords are: 'thief skill trip' Skill: trip Lvl 3 Thie (28%) (critical) Requires: bloodletting stab Speed: very slow (Can Be Cast On Others) Usage: trip <target> Trip is a skill used by thieves to take an opponent off his/her feet. Once on the ground, the target has a reduced ability to defend and will take additional damage from attacks. A tripped character will also be lagged for a short period of time, be unable to cast spells and will use a small amount of movement getting up. Being tripped can also slightly damage an opponent's morale. Note that you won't be able to trip creatures that are too large or too small, and that characters affected by a fly spell are much harder to trip. Flying and swimming creatures naturally cannot be tripped at all. Tripping is typically done unarmed, using your legs and feet. You can trip ethereal creatures if you are wearing footwear that has special damage types. Be aware that many ethereal creatures hover above the ground and may not be trippable even with the proper equipment.

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