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Keywords are: 'druid skill wickercrafting wreath garland basket effigy poppet doom hexes voodoo doll' Skill: wickercraft Lvl 21 Drui (42%) (helpful) Requires: carve totem and plant lore Group: Druid talismans Profession Skill: wicker effigy Lvl 38 Drui (28%) (helpful) Requires: wickercraft Group: Druid talismans Profession Usage: wickercraft list wickercraft check wickercraft create <item> <bundle of sticks> [herb] [target] Druidic wickercraft is a combination of totemic magic and herbal knowledge. Using bundles of gathered sticks, druids can create useful items, such as baskets for gathering herbs and switches for punishing unruly children. By incorporating herbs near or above his level and a special effort of will, a druid can expend mana and weave a wreath or garland. These special headpieces and necklaces area suffused with nature magic. This is gradually released upon the wearer, granting them increased magical potency and whatever properties the wood may possess, until it is expended and the piece crumbles. Druidic wreaths and garlands can usually be rune-carved for additional benefits. A handful of other totemic items can also be fashioned from wicker, including besoms, cornucopias and dreamcatchers, which serve as single use wands. Druidic dreamcatchers incorporate freshly plucked feathers instead of herbs. Wicker effigies are special druidic totems which can be used to hex and confound foes. They are difficult to store and dangerous to make, but their potent magic is especially useful for lowering the damage of enemies. In addition, if the caster is present at the death of the target, part of the hex's energy returns to them, restoring mana and movement. A variant effigy, known as a poppet, can also be created. Instead of hexing, it enhances the health, stamina and mana of the target. The potency of a wickercraft magical item can be increased by using higher level herbs in the construction. Please note that not all herbs are suitable for use with wickercraft. Ones that have been heavily processed or packaged are often deficient in the natural energies necessary for the magic to work.

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