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Keywords are: 'druid spell windbreaker breaker' Spell: windbreaker Mana: 80 Int: 29 Wis: 31 Lvl 29 Drui (21%) (important) Requires: still air Group: Druid air Usage: cast windbreaker The 'windbreaker' spell allows the caster to still and control the air in a large area. Similar to the 'still air' spell, windbreaker takes the edge off wind and dragon breath attacks, as well as any other attack which makes use of wind. It also weakens projectiles fired by ranged weapons in the area, such as arrows, bolts, and darts. This spell can also be used as a cushion for falling things and players. It will not arrest the fall, but falling creatures are typically slowed to the point where falls need not be fatal. While not as protective as still air, note that this protects everything within its range, friend and enemy alike.

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