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Keywords are: 'island sloe' Sloe is the westernmost of three large, major islands that are linked together by an ancient portal system. This island is home to most new players, and the main city of Vemarken hosts an elaborate Mud School. Contact with Sloe was made by mages experimenting with the portal system in Gad's Landing. They discovered a race of humans who called themselves 'Zulians' living there. The small island was mostly deserted from the constant in-fighting amongst the Zulians, so Sloe was quickly settled by colonists from Ralnoth, who soon superceded the native population. Sloe and the other portal-linked islands, Kordan and Archais, are known to be west of the main continent of Alter Aeon, and Sloe is the westernmost of these. While the exact location of any of the islands remains undetermined, Milano Gonzales, the governer of Nueva Granada, claims to have sailed to an island near Sloe to collect Zulian colonists before the activation of the portals, and that he purposely destroyed any information he had regarding its whereabouts in order to protect them from foreign invasion. So far, no ship sailing from the mainland has ever found any of the islands, and ships sailing from the islands have never found any other island or the mainland. The distances between the islands appear to be so great that even magical location spells are only able to provide an approximate direction, and give no hint as to distance beyond "really, really far away". Don Milano remains tight-lipped about the subject, only suggesting that Sloe is "probably on the other side of the planet". The island of Sloe is suitable for levels 0 through 15.

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