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Keywords are: 'urban settlement biome' There are several kinds of terrain that indicate developed settlements: town - villages with unpaved or gravel streets city - large settlements with paved streets and other advanced developments building - the interior of artificial structures, whether they be a woodman's cabin or king's palace ruin - abandoned or otherwise uninhabited settlements, usually of stone catacomb - tunnels and chambers created by sentient beings, often as part of funerary complexes sewer - underground tunnels used for managing waste water, most often found beneath very large cities Urban terrains are generally poor on resources, as usuable materials have gathered by the local inhabitants. Waypoints, forges, shipyars, shopkeepers, spellkeepers, trainers, priests and guildmasters are usually found in or near settlements. There are a few rare minerals that can only be found in settlements, usually sediments that leach out of ancient stone ruins.

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