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Keywords are: 'blind visually-impaired-features impaired for-blind-players' Alter Aeon has a large number of features for the visually impaired. There are a number of different spam filters, a blind mode setting, custom prompts and extensive support for different types of triggers to help reduce screen reader load and automate actions. There is also a special login port, port 3010, which reduces spam in the login screens. Most of the visually impaired support can be enabled or disabled with a single command: To enable - set blind on To disable - set blind off Currently, this mode controls the following settings: ANSI color is disabled. Few if any readers recognize colored text. Hard returns are enabled. This helps with certain readers. Sunset is disabled. This is considered by most blind players to be too repetitive and annoying. Enables line inversion. Helps with certain readers. Disables echo or double echo of what you type. This may or may not work with your client. You may re-enable or disable any of the above on your own once you are in blind mode. There are other manual settings you may enable as you see fit. You may disable your prompt entirely with the 'noprompt' command, or change your various prompt settings. See 'help prompt' for details. There are also a number of spam filters that can be used to remove unwanted battle sends and other classes of spam. See 'help spam' for details. You may disable most long descriptions with the 'brief' command.

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