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Keywords are: 'channel auctioning' Format: auc auc <message> auction auction <item> <minimum bid> auction -auto auction -silent There are two different sets of commands triggered by the 'auction' command. The first set of commands toggles the channel on or off, and allows you to talk on the channel. In order to use the channel, or to toggle it, you must use an abbreviation of the 'auction' command. Typing in the entire command will trigger the second set of commands. The auction channel will send your message to every player on the game with auction on. Ideally, this channel should be used by players to buy, sell, and trade equipment. An abbreviated auction command with no arguments will toggle your auction channel on and off. To use the second set of commands, you must type in the entire 'auction' command. 'auction' with no arguments will show the status of your auction channel, and what items are currently on the auction block. If there is nothing currently being auctioned, you may use the 'auction' command to auction off an item of your choosing. You must specify a minimum bid for the auction to begin, e.g. auction sword 150 which will begin an auction for your sword, with a minimum bid of 150 gold. You must type out the word 'auction' when putting something up for sale. To bid on an item that is being auctioned, use the 'bid' command. The submitter of the item may not bid on it. Do not auction things unless you are sure of your minimum bid. The cost to put an item up for auction is 100 gold. This fee must be paid even if the item does not sell. There is an additional 1% fee when sales are completed, for all sales over 200 gold. See also, 'auction bid'.

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