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Keywords are: 'killing pkilling murder playerkilling pvp' Murder and Pkilling (player killing) on Alter Aeon is by registration only: you may only kill other players if they are registered for pk. There are two possible registration options: 1) Register as a temporary player killer. Temporary player killers may kill each other with impunity, without accumulating karma, losing exp, or losing equipment. There may be level restrictions, to keep things somewhat fair. To stop being a temporary player killer, you must log off of the game, and log back in. 2) Set up and/or join a player killing arena. While in the arena, you can kill other players in the arena. To leave the arena, simply recall. All player killing options are temporary. There is no permanent player killing option. You cannot combat players more than 8 levels higher than you, or 8 levels lower, even if you are both registered pkok. See also 'help pkok'.

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