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Keywords are: 'warrior skill tanking withdraw' Skill: tanking Lvl 22 Warr (21%) (helpful) Requires: protector Usage: tank - enable/disable tanking mode withdraw - withdraw from an attacker Tanks are usually heard of in the context of a group, where the tank will be the character with the most protective armor and defensive skills. The tank typically takes the bulk of the damage in combat, protecting the mages and spellcasters while they prepare spells. The 'tanking' skill is used by warriors to protect their group. To enable the skill, use the 'tank' command while grouped. A warrior with the tanking skill will automatically attempt to rescue members of the party and protect them from melee combat providing they have enough movement. Each warrior tank can effectively cover up to 16 people in a group, excluding minions, depending how well they know the skill, After which they will gradually start to lose effectiveness as the size of the group becomes unmanageable. They also require a small amount of movement and keeping it topped up is essential, as tanks who run out of of movement will no longer be able to rescue members of their group. Multiple tanks can be used simultaneously to more effectively cover group members and reduce the amount of movement required. For any large group (more than 5 members), two or more tanks are strongly recommended. It is also a very good idea to heal your tank - tanks that are very low on hitpoints are more likely to die, and less likely to be able to rescue other group members! While tanking, you may use the 'withdraw' command to divert your attackers to another tank in the same group. This command is typically only used when there are multiple tanks, and one tank needs a short break or is too injured to continue.

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