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Keywords are: 'druid spell control weather' Spell: control weather Mana: 40 Int: 16 Wis: 18 Lvl 11 Drui (28%) (critical) Group: Druid sky Usage: cast control weather <keyword> Available control weather keywords are: wet - raise humidity, needed to start snow and rain dry - lower humidity, used to break cloud cover hot - raise temperature cold - lower temperature, needed for snow windy - needed for storms still - breaks up storms storm - attempts to create stormy conditions snow - attempts to create snowy conditions The 'control weather' spell is used to change the weather in a small area. Controlling the weather takes time and large amounts of mana, and does not last very long, but when it is used successfully it can allow for devastating attacks. Note that controlling the weather in one room also affects nearby rooms. The effect is weaker as you get farther away, but it is possible to generate storm conditions at a safe distance from most creatures. You can use the 'weather' command to display the current weather.

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