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Keywords are: 'pkok arenas spectates spectators' Format: pkok pkok join <arena number> pkok arena <arena number> pkok spectate <arena number> ppk <message> There are several dedicated player killing arenas available. All deaths in these arenas are without consequence - you can die without loss of experience or equipment. Even your gold is safe. The 'pkok' command will show a list of available arenas, by number. The 'pkok join' command will let you enter an already 'open' arena. The 'pkok arena' command will let you open an 'available' arena. Joining an arena as a spectator allows you to move around and view the action, but you cannot interact with the other players. The 'ppk' command lets you use the 'ppk' channel. This channel sends information about the status of current battles, and also player comments. Note that this channel is mostly unregulated, so expect profanity and rudeness when things heat up :P

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