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autobrew create [recipe] potion
autobrew create [recipe] potion focus [spellname]
autobrew create [recipe] poison
autobrew create [recipe] antidote
autobrew delete [recipe]
autobrew list <recipe name>

autobrew add [recipe] [ingredient] - add new ingredient
autobrew rem [recipe] [ingredient] - remove old ingredient
autobrew clear [recipe]            - remove all ingredients

autobrew [recipe]     - automatically brew using a created recipe

The autobrew command is a way to set up and manage brewing recipes
and make brewing spells easier.  Autobrew can brew potions, poisons,
and antidotes, as well as brew potions with focus.  Ingredients are
automatically taken from inventory or any carried containers.

Use the 'autobrew create' command to create a new recipe.

Use the 'autobrew add' command to add ingredients to a recipe.

Once the recipe is created and all the ingredients are added, you can
easily brew it using 'autobrew recipename'.  For example, if you have
a recipe named 'sanc', you can brew it using the command:

autobrew sanc

See also 'autobrew help'.

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