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Skill: brew poison              Lvl 14 Thie  (21%)
                                (helpful) Requires: poison handling

brew poison [submit] inventory
brew poison [submit] <object list>

Brew poison is a mid- to low-level thief skill. It allows a thief to mix
different herbs or spell components in a liquid container, producing a
mixture with poisoning effects. The level of the resulting poison is
determined by the level of the spell components that are used.  Higher
level herbs and spell components are more potent, and result in a much
more potent brew.  Poisons lose their potency and effectiveness as time
goes by, until they eventually become useless.

The object list may contain up to one liquid container, and any number
of spell component items. Any of the items may be either in the brewers
inventory, or on the ground.

Note that without further knowledge of poison, this basic skill cannot be
used to poison anyone but yourself.

You can submit poison recipes using the 'submit' keyword.

Brewing poisons is also compatible with the 'autobrew' feature.

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