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Skill: brew acid                Lvl 37 Thie  (28%)
                                (obscure) Requires: brew poison and cooking

brew acid inventory
brew acid <object list>

The 'brew acid' skill is an obscure high level skill for thieves that
permits the brewing of dangerous and volatile acid.  As with similar
skills, the brewer mixes the ingredients together in a liquid
container to produce the acid, but unlike other brew skills, the
parameters for brewing acid are fairly strict.

Acid requires a minimum of five ingredients but can have up to eight.
Using higher level ingredients generally produces more potent acid.
The ingredients used must have one component from each of the
following categories:

1. A spellcomp, herb or food with fruit composition and a sour taste.
2. A spellcomp, herb or food with rock composition and a salty taste.
3. A poisonous herb with bitter taste.
4. A spellcomp or food with crystal composition.
5. A spellcomp composed of nickel, tin, zinc, cadmium, selenium or lead.

Acid only lasts a limited amount of time.  It is typically bottled
and thrown at enemies.

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