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Keywords are:  'cleric spell remove cure poison'

Spell: remove poison            Mana:  18  Wis: 16  Chr: 12  Lvl  6 Cler  (42%)
Spell: cure poison              Mana:  25  Wis: 26  Chr: 22  Lvl 24 Cler  (28%)
                                (important) Requires: remove poison

cast remove poison <target>
cast cure poison <target>

These spells were developed from murlock biomantic practices. They can
be used to gradually remove poison from a poisoned character, removing
the regeneration penalties and helping them feel less sick.

'Remove poison' can also be used to purify poisonous food and herbs.

'Cure poison' is a more targeted version of 'remove poison'. While
it has no effect on poisonous objects, it is more effective at removing
toxins from the systems of living creatures, even advanced poisons such
as nausea and asphixiation.

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