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Keywords are:  'cleric spell remove cure poison'

Spell: remove poison            Mana:  18  Wis: 16  Chr: 12  Lvl  6 Cler  (42%)
Spell: cure poison              Mana:  25  Wis: 26  Chr: 22  Lvl 24 Cler  (28%)
                                (important) Requires: remove poison

cast remove poison <target>
cast cure poison <target>

These spells were recently developed from murlock biomantic practices.
They can be used to gradually remove poison from a poisoned character,
removing the regeneration penalties and helping them feel less sick.

'Remove poison' can also be used to purify poisonous food and herbs.

'Cure poison' is a stronger, more effective version of 'remove poison'
that has a chance to remove advanced poisons such as nausea and asphixiation.

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