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Keywords are:  'cleric spell sanctuary'

Spell: sanctuary                Mana:  75  Wis: 19  Chr: 15  Lvl 10 Cler  (28%)
                                (critical) Requires: faith shield

cast sanctuary <target>

'sanctuary' is a powerful protective spell, in which the powers of the gods
reduce the damage taken by the target. Sanctuary typically only lasts a few
minutes, and costs 75 mana - so you should take advantage of it before it
wears off.

Sanctuary is usually used when exploring, attacking something you aren't
sure about, or fighting really big things (like dragons and greater demons.)
It's very handy and often used in groups, but is too costly for single
players to keep it cast all the time.

Note that the damage reduction is level dependent.  Reduction starts at 25%
at low levels, and increases to 50% at higher levels.

You can recast the spell to strengthen or reset it.  If the recast occurs
at zero minutes remaining, or if the recast would be stronger than the
existing spell, the previous sanctuary spell is replaced and its timers
are reset.  Otherwise, the spell is strengthened by a small amount.

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