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Keywords are:  'cleric spell wardbreaker breaker'

Spell: ward breaker             Mana: 2500  Int: 30  Wis: 31  Lvl 31 Cler  ( 7%)

This skill is unlocked by completing a quest.

groupcast ward breaker <wardstone>

This is an extremely old, extremely powerful spell that until recently had
been lost to mortals.  In a time of crisis, mortal champions rediscovered
the spell and convinced one of the elder dragons to teach it.

The spell is used to break the keystones for certain types of wards. Once
cast on a wardstone, the spell cuts off the internal flows of magic until
an overload builds up and shatters the stone.  Wardstones can be created
with some protection against this, and sufficiently large wardstones may
simply be able to absorb the overload without difficulty.

The spell also cannot be used on most smaller stones, as there simply
isn't enough power in the wards to actually damage the stone.

This is not a spell of finesse or delicacy - it requires brute force to
cast and operates via brute force.  As such, large groups of mortals must
typically pool their magic and cast it together.

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