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Keywords are:  'cleric spell cause light serious critical inflict wounds suffering harm chasten'

Spell: inflict wounds           Mana:   4  Wis: 15  Chr: 11  Lvl  2 Cler  (42%)
                                Dtype: nonorm 
Spell: chasten                  Mana:   7  Wis: 17  Chr: 13  Lvl  7 Cler  (42%)
                                (critical) Requires: inflict wounds
                                Dtype: nonorm  (special conditions, see text)
Spell: inflict suffering        Mana:  13  Wis: 21  Chr: 17  Lvl 13 Cler  (42%)
                                (critical) Requires: chasten
                                Dtype: nonorm  (special conditions, see text)
Spell: harm                     Mana:  21  Wis: 25  Chr: 21  Lvl 20 Cler  (28%)
                                (critical) Requires: inflict suffering
                                Dtype: nonorm  (special conditions, see text)

cast inflict wounds <target>
cast chasten <target>
cast inflict suffering <target>
cast harm <target>

These are clerical combat spells which use divine power to inflict damage
to the bodies of opponents. Their damage is modest, but they completely
ignore armor and most magical and physical defenses. These spells are
close range - you must be willing to engage in melee combat to use them
and cannot have nomelee on. Some of them have enhanced effects if the
caster is using a particular kind of weapon.

The 'inflict wounds' spell simply gouges and bruises the target. Because
it creates small, precise injuries, it is especially effective for
finishing off mortally wounded creatures and it does extra damage
against very small creatures.

In addition to inflicting physical damage, 'chasten' batters the target's
soul, causing them to lose morale. It is most potent when the caster
is wielding a blunt weapon like a mace or hammer.

'Inflict suffering' adds a ripping, tearing element to inflicting wounds.
It causes horrible blistering wounds to living creatures that can reopen
even if the target is completely healed. In addition, if the caster is
wielding a whip or a flail, the pain can leave the target dazed or even

'Harm' is the most potent of the inflict spells. When focused through
the caster's weapon, the spell inherits its damage type. Even when cast
empty-handed, it tears and batters an opponent with deadly force.

Both the 'afflict' curse and the 'death and decay' spell increase the
potency of inflict spells.

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