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Keywords are:  'kxwt_group group'

The kxwt group triggers are used to send group member status.  The
information for all group members comes out in one big block containing
multiple lines of information.  The first line marks the start of the

 kxwt_group_start        - this marks the beginning of a group status block

After the start line, you will see one or more lines, one per player,
containing the stats, name, and type of group member:

 kxwt_group <hp> <hp_max> <mana> <mana_max> <move> <move_max> <tag> <name>

The name is a printable name.  The <tag> field contains one or more characters
that indicates the type of group member:

Tag 'X' - these are your stats.
Tag 'P' - this is a player.
Tag 'M' - this is one of your minions.
Tag 'O' - this is somebody else's minion.
Tag '?' - any other mob that doesn't fall into the categories above.

Tag 'L' - the group leader
Tag 'T' - in tanking mode
Tag 'N' - no-melee mode
Tag '-' - not present in the room with you

Note that this respects minion spam settings.  Depending on how your
minion spam is configured, you might not see any group data at all.

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