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AABN:  10197
Title: a book entitled "The Wagon of the Deities"

The book begins with an autobiography of the author, which lists the
numerous titles, degrees and awards he has garnered. It also speaks at
length about how the author has been persecuted by "mainstream academia"
for citing works that have been suppressed or discredited. One of the more
interesting sections reads:

"Tales of yore speak of a race of ancient giants that once ruled the world
prior to the Age of Chaos. They shared the world with demons, dragons and
fairies. Many a mighty battle was fought, ages before men walked the land. 

The giants built several vast civilizations that spread across the
mainland. They erected fabulous works: great pyramids and halls of stone.
They did not, however, build roads. How did such sophisticated societies
keep in touch without roads? There were not any waypoints.

The answer -- the transfer stones! Only a few of these artifacts have
survived into modern times. Relics from the ancient past, these wondrous
devices must once had dotted the world! Standing in pairs, they formed an
arcane highway wondrous to behold. One merely casts a teleport spell, and
one instantly appears next to a sister stone, leagues away!

Alas, when the giants fled their ancient strongholds, they abandoned their
creations. Their descendants became what we know and fear today -- greedy,
squabbling tribes that can't even agree on a common ancestry, let alone
reclaim their lost heritage.

Lost also is the knowledge of the Global Grid they used to connect their
teleport stones. The Grid is a series of energetic lines that map out
vortices in the world's magnetic leylines. These up-wellings of energy were
used by ancient cultures as landmarks for directing long distance magic. It
is said that even visitors from the sky would sometimes come and use the
Grid to navigate their flying machines across the surface of the world.

And just who were these ancient visitors? Why the gods themselves! What our
ancestors mistook as gods were surely flesh and blood beings from other
spheres like our own! How else could brutish giants have learned such
diverse and powerful arts? They were taught by these alien gods.

Is it possible that we are all descended from these visitors from the
heavens? The answer is a resounding "yes". Why else would we look so much
like how these gods are depicted by the ancients? And is it a coincidence
that just after the arrival of this so-called "High Pantheon" of gods that
these magical transportation circles called "waypoints" came to being, to
replace the lost transfer stones. I think not!" 

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