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AABN:  10524
Title: a book entitled, 'An Overview of the Pure Elemental Planes, Volume 2'

The title of this hard-covered book is gilded in gold lettering on the
front cover.

An Overview of the Pure Elemental Planes, Volume One

by Rephinati, high priest of Xandar

A summary of the information presented therein can be found in the table of
contents.  It reads as follows:

Chapter 6.  The Plane of Darkness

All of creation casts a shadow, and that is the plane of darkness.  This
plane consists of cold inky vapors.

Physics of the shadow plane are most similar to the prime material plane,
hence, due to the nature of planar mechanics, this shadow matter is the
easiest of all planar matter to access and is done via a skill called
shadow evocation.  The material plane and shadow plane are not completely
alike, however, and prolonged exposure to the shadow plane without proper
protection will harm material plane visitors as their molecular structure
begins to break down.  Angels, being creatures of light, cannot exist

Chapter 7.  The Planes of Light

The home of angelic beings is the least understood of all pure elemental
planes, despite many an angel's attempt at explanation.  It is known that
elemental light actually comes from a myriad of planes instead of a single
one, and the elemental light is closely tied to or equal to divine energy,
otherwise known as positive energy.

The ambient positive energy of these planes are initially beneficial to
prime material plane visitors and will them of all wounds and injuries,
however, without proper abjuration magic, a prime material plane creature
will be torn apart.  Their bodies simply cannot handle that much divine

Chapter 8.  Other Pure Elemental Planes

It theorized that any number of other pure elemental planes could and do
exist but the means of accessing them has not yet been discovered.  One
popular theory is that there is an elemental plane of acid.

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