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AABN:  11528
Title: a small map of Ralnoth

      C_ Temple
        I_I GS
     _L_ _I_I_  _
    I I_ _I_ _ I_I
    I I_M   I_I  I
    I         S  W
    B         I  I
              T  A

Map Key:
C  : Cleric Guildmaster
M  : Mage Guildmaster
W  : Warrior Guildmaster
T  : Thief Guildmaster
S  : Sailor (Teaches Swim)
B  : Bank
GS : General Store
L  : Leather Worker
A  : Alchemist

It seems to be a little old - you clearly recognize a few things are are
missing, and few things that should be.  It is signed at the bottom in barely
legible script:  'mrodd'

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