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AABN:  13453
Title: the Book of Heroes

From the Book of Heroes, you learn a great deal about the many heroes of
this ancient land's history, the most important being Tragen, the warrior
said to have stolen the key to the barrier which blocks the entrance to the
castle. But he never made it back from the temple of Taqoo with the
treasures he stole. On the journey home, his ship was attacked by a sea
creature. Tragen barely escaped with his life by swimming ashore while the
creature finished off the ship along with it's crew. Tragen spent the
remainder of his life in his great palace just north of Karmekios, never
daring to return to retrieve the sunken treasures of Taqoo. After his
death, strange spirits started appearing around the palace. It is believed
that the powerful spirit of Tragen summoned them to protect his domain from
all intruders. The villagers feared these spirits and never dared to
approach the palace and still avoid it to this day. 

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