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AABN:  13771
Title: a book entitled "Magika Materia: An Overview of Alchemy"

Magic permeates all matter. Certain substances have strong associations with
different kinds of magic. Many of these materials can be used in the
construction of magical devices such as wands and staffs.

In addition, these "spell components" can be brewed into potions that trigger
numerous magical effects, ranging from duplicating known spells to creating
mana deflecting fields and exotic curses. They can also be used in other
ways, as well. Carefully handled, they can be used to brew a variety of
toxins and antidotes. Druids sometimes use spell components to supplement
herbs in the production of tinctures and salves.

Some materials have a strong association to a particular spell or group of
spells, such as elemental fire. Using substances with strong affinities leads
to more predictable results in brewing potions. Skilled alchemists can use
their own knowledge of magic and personal mana to enhance these affinities
when brewing potions.

Spell components with strong affinities can also be used to make inks for
scribing magical scrolls or carefully combined to create various kinds of
explosives. Necromancers preparing corpses to be raised sometimes use spell
components to make their creations more resistant to different kinds of
elemental damage.

Most substances are not sufficiently pure to have spell affinities. Food is
sometimes used in potion brewing, but the effects are not particularly strong
or reliable. Gemstones, possibly due to their rigid crystalline structure and
consistent composition, almost always yield strong spell affinities.
Gemstones with known spell affinities include:

Ruby		- fire
Garnet		- cold
Sapphire	- electricity
Emerald		- poison
Diamond		- magic/illusion

Many other materials demonstrate affinities seeming to stem from a loose
association with a particular element. For example, obsidian, coal and many
sulfur compounds tend to have an association with elemental fire. Quartzes
of various kinds and many metals have an affinity for electricity. And it
is well known that venoms extracted from snakes, scorpions and many other
creatures often have affinities for cures or protection from poison.

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