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AABN:  13789
Title: The Necromarcanorum Volume X: Teeth

 This scroll is made from black leather, rolled around a waxed rod of
darkwood. The text is large and blocky, written with dense white chalk that
is sealed into the leather:

"Related to the magic of homunculi is a special class of animated minions
created using the vital energies contained in teeth. A tooth from even the
humblest of creatures contains great potential, and the teeth of magical
entities such as demons and angels are rumored to harbor greater powers.
This is certainly the case with dragon teeth.

Teeth, when combined with a small amount of the caster's blood and
life-force, can be shaped into useful tools, weapons, shields and even
armor. These can be further empowered with soulstone energy to make objects
of great power. Teeth can also be used to grow structures that imprison
enemies or shield the caster from harm.

In addition, teeth can be grown into magical constructs. Unlike homunculi,
a necromancer can control as many of these minions as his native power

The most common of these constructs are long-legged entities shaped like
spiders. They are frail, being weaker than even the humblest of homunculi.
They are typically used in large numbers to harry and distract enemies.

Dragon teeth, when imbued with the proper enchantments, can be used to
create a menagerie of skeleton-like entities:

Skeleton warriors -- shaped like humanoid skeletons, they spring forth
armed with simple weapons and shields. Though frail, they can be effective
in large numbers when they have more powerful minions to protect them.

Skeleton mages -- similar to skeleton warriors, these magical constructs
are imbued with elemental energy. They can throw magical bolts of fire, ice
or lightning at enemies.

Bone dragons -- these huge constructs are made from several dragon teeth
and are powered by the energy of a high grade soulstone. They are
ineffective in battle, lacking the coordination to land blows. They do,
however, make mighty steeds and can carry necromancers over long distances,
though they are hampered by sufficiently tall barriers such as mountains.

Rumors of other skeletal minions abound, but most of the tales are clearly
mis-identified bone guardians or exotic undead." 

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