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AABN:  1409
Title: kulzer's death note

Well all good things must come to an end. it's been quite a trip this past year, i have met many friends whom i will cherish the rest of my days, i would like to thank a few of them at this time.
Heart, my big bro in Rl and a good friend, thanx for letting me make my first charecter on a mud.
Kenai, Roan, Kremlin, man have you got a lot of names around here, thanks for being someone that I could put my trust in.
Charis, for just being someone to talk to and allways having good advice.
There are so many people who have touched me over the past year i don't even know who all to talk about, so I will just sumit up in a few sentences.
I have been known on many muds by many names, I have met all typs of people and been all typs of charecters, but  my fondest mud memories were those spent with my good friends here, this is where i will call it home, and here is where i will say my farewell.....
kulzer may be dead but I shall live forever...    Kulzer, aka Luke Gamble


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