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AABN:  16109
Title: a tattered journal

     The journal is barely legible in most parts, but you flip
through and read what you can:

  ..egun my research on the lost temple.  Legends say something tragic
happened there, but don't specify what.  My fascination with the place
is burning...

  ...I've stumbled across a book in the abandoned library of points to the a great volcano.  It says
the temple was lost, vanished after a great quake.
Some say it was an act of anger by those that the cult's
followers blasphemed by their blind worship to a false god. was a god of fire, and -------ions threw a gr    ceremony in
his honor, and calle  upon the fire god.  That was the day the
supposed "fiery death" came.  The followers of Suul'Nar believed that
he was angry with them, and that he hid the temple deep within the
volcanic crust of the lands...

  ...natives believed that only a powerful artifact...the "Dagger of
Nar" could unlock the temple.  I begin research of this Dagger...

  ...elling a few spellbooks I picked up at a trade show, I convinced
the mage at the djinni school to give me a bit of knowledge about
this "Dagger of Nar."  He gave me a scroll to read that would help me
locate it...

  ...the scroll, and a vision of a familiar place to me...the magic
shop! I rushed down the street to find it in a display case...the
mage told me it had no magic left in it, and was purely novelty.  I
bought it anyway and returned home...

  ...ost immediately the dagger started spinning about wildly in the
air until it gradually slowed and pointed northeast...I set out on a
long the long journey...

  ...I am close, the dagger pulls hard, I can feel the box it's in
shifting in my backpack...yearning to be rejoined with the gem...

  ...I HAVE FOUND THE TEMPLE...the doorway of an old mine connects it
to a tunnel beneath the volcano...

     The following page has blood caked on it.   ...I have erred. 
Overanxious, I broke into a run, and stumbled down a pit.  I landed
on my feet, which was a bad thing.  My leg's are completely broken,
the bones jut through the skin.  My nose is broken as well, and the
fracture has damaged one eye.  I'm bleeding in many won't
take long fo

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