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AABN:  16112
Title: a journal

     My rather overzealous brother has set off on another one of his
research trips.  He is babbling about some lost temple.

     My brother has returned, spewing unintelligible rants about The
lost temple of Suul'Nar, and some dagger.  He makes plans to set off
on a long journey to the northeast.  This is a dangerous region and I
feel uncomfortable letting him go alone.  He refuses help...perhaps I
will follow him secretely.

     I have gathered my friends about me and we will set off behind
my dear brother, in hopes of protecting him.

     After many weeks journey we have arrived at a mountain...and my
brother has trekked directly into it.  We follow closely, using his
torch light as our guide.

     We have been seperated from my brother, and have stumbled into a
hot, volcanic area of the mountain.

     We have made a great discovery!  A settlement within the
volcano!  We sleep outside the gates so that we are fully rested when
we encounter it's inhabitants.

     Evil is close at work here.  "Father Neyfelam" has changed our
form, and he is controlling the dwarves of this town...I am positive
of it.  He has turned us into demons.  We sit shackled to the
wall...barely able to speak from lack of strength from the beating we
recieved.  They are coming! They takin stuff if you find this help us

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