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AABN:  18759
Title: The Encyclopedia of Byung (and maybe other gods of AA if they want to be included)

This book appears to have once been a fairly thick volume - pages and pages
full of information about the Gods.  Some of this information was written by
the Gods themselves, and some was written by those mortals who wanted to
share their experiences.  It is uncommon that Gods are able to write about
themselves, as most of the time these types of accounts are historical only
and based on others' opinions.  The book is missing several pages - many have
been torn out either by the Gods themselves or by a follower who came across
this book and wanted to keep that information for themselves.  There aren't
many illustrations, but although it's obvious this book has been read and
reread, the pages left intact are crisp and legible, the leather-bound cover
showing only some wear.  The words 'Encyclopedia of the Gods of Alter Aeon'
are inscribed in gold, the pages also edged in gold.  There are numerous
blank pages, allowing plenty of room to write more.  It's possible the names
are not in alphabetical order, though.  The filled in pages are written in

Byung, the Goddess of Blood, immortalized approximately January of 2004. 
When it's mud business, she is all business.  When it's time to have fun,
she's fun-loving, easy-going, and just plain silly.  Some would call her
insane, others weird, and still a few would call her a good friend.  Under
the supervision of Dentin, Talos, and Cygnii, Byung attempts to rule with a
fair hand, giving people chances and benefits of the doubt before laying down
the harsh hand of Dentin's law.  She is honest, trustworthy, and more
lenient than many.  She does not play favorites.  She expects from others
honesty, fairness, and for them to return her confidence when the utmost of
discretion is necessary.  She prefers love over war.  She treats people the
way she wants to be treated.  She will do her best to assist in any problems
that arise, and will listen to you if you listen to her - but be prepared to
provide her with proof.  The more you help her, the more she can help you. 
You will not find a more loyal friend, or a more horrible enemy.  She is
open-minded, warm-hearted, and loving to the extreme. 

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