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AABN:  21023
Title: a small book entitled, 'Sinking Ships'

Okay. The world presents some problems and we don't know what to do.
You've come to find your feelings aren't exactly what you knew.
The odds are stacked quite poorly if without a winning hand.
But bear in mind your farings only worse if you don't,

Chin Up! Don't be on sinking ships because they'll only drag you down.
You've got to keep on sailing even when you want to frown.
The world will keep on turning without matter where you land.
You might as well be running when your feet should hit the sand.

Fact is that if you could fix the failings of the current paradigm,
we would have a hero who's both been elusive and on time.
Just one time. And then, We would all contrive new conflict!

Stipulations placed before you to get all the things you really need.
Mr. Big may make things hard but you have got to plant your seeds.

Go to war. Fight more. Your dreams thrive by competition.
You'll find no one famous ever got there just by flinching at their foes,
Cling against the torment, claw with all your might are what you know.

Don't let go, just grow!
Don't wait or play to indecision!

Chin Up! Don't bet on sinking ships because you've got to be more grand.
You've got to think ahead and carry out the things you've planned.
The truth can be of use when you can see where falsehoods lay.
Don't quit on hopes or dreams when you have simply got to-

Chin Up! Don't be on sinking ships because they'll only drag you down.
You've got the means to live and it needs merely to be found.

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