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AABN:  31846
Title: a book titled 'The Temples of the Valley of Sacerdotes'

Long ago, there was a great battle between angels and demons in the wilds
of Crepuscula. Stone was melted to glass or blasted into sand. After many
days of fighting, the demons were eliminated, and peace returned to the

In gratitude for their victory, the angels built four temples there, each
dedicated to a different group of gods. There were:

The Temple of Nature for Fikh, Xael, Glorida and Xandar

The Temple of War for Reorx, Islaine and Dowart.

The Temple of Knowledge for Dentin, Gandor and Bobcat.

The Temple of Night for Byung, Schlyne and Morpheus.

The battlefield became a desert, but life gradually returned. It was given
a new name, the Valley of Sacerdotes.

The temples became repositories for potent magical tools. The Dawnforge was
established in the Temple of War for creating powerful weapons and armor
without the use of fire. Many soulstone were fused together to create the
crystalline mind, an powerful information retrieval system. In the Temple
of Night they built the Chamber of Cycles, which greatly increases the
regeneration of any creature within it. The Temple of Nature was largely
left untouched, as it is regarded as monument to the natural beauty of the

After many years, the Temples have slowly fallen off the face of history,
with the Temple of War being entirely abandoned after the Sacred Annulus
was disassembled. Only the Temple of Knowledge is maintained in full
splendor. The other two temples were converted into prisons for vesperine
heretics in hopes of inspiring their redepemption and return to their

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