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AABN:  33738
Title: page 2 of Triste's journal

This paper is made from the pulp of the oak trees thriving throughuot the
valley.  It is 11 x 8 1/2 inches in size and unlined.  It can be fitted
sideways into the spine of a journal or used on its own.

This particular page appears to be directly from Triste's journal.  This
particular entry is dated and titled.  The handwriting is in a small, tight
script as if her fist was balled up tightly ready to strike at the next
person who tried to lie to her.  It's so hard to understand why some people
participate in DECEPTION.  Eventually, it becomes impossible to untangle the
web of lies and half-truths.  Sometimes trust and honesty wait patiently for
the right time to bite you in the ass.  Most of the time, though, trust and
honesty are rewarded.

4th day of Valindar


slants into the darkness
tearing out all the dreams
and secrets
it used to hold
so safely
within itself

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