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AABN:  33752
Title: page 7 of Triste's journal

This paper is made from the pulp of the oak trees thriving throughout the
valley.  It is 11 x 8 1/2 inches in size and unlined.  It can be fitted
sideways into the spine of a journal or used on its own.

This particular page appears to be directly from Triste's journal.  This
particular entry is not dated.  It seems to be a long, rambling prose, but
nevertheless Triste obviously felt it was important to write it all down.

  "I'm a big fan of symbolism.  I write in symbolism, sometimes my actions
are symbolic, etc.  The most important thing about this symbolism is that it
be based on reality.  I am not symbolic as a way to be fake or pretend to be
something I'm not or feel something I don't.  But I also try not to
over-analyze something.  Because I tend to write so abstractly, a lot of my
writing can be interpreted in so many different ways, but I always remember
the original reason I wrote it.  I also appreciate other people's points of
view on what my writing might mean to them, but I hope that they understand
the meaning I intended when I put pen to paper.  I may be long-winded, but
it's almost always easier to express myself in writing.  In speaking, I don't
have a lot of time to think.  I also like being able to get out everything I
need to get out before someone needs to cut in.  Maybe it's a bad habit of
mine.  I just try to deal as best as I can and sometimes different situations
require a different way for me to deal with them.  I'll sometimes have to
abruptly end a conversation before I spiral downward and no one seems to
understand when I'm overloaded and can't handle anymore.  I need time out
sometimes to think and reorganize and cool off.  But I'm on a tangent again,
too much on my mind, and I can't sleep again.  I'm just so tired."

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